Apply NOW! Digital Makerspace Community Manager

Approximate start Sept 1, 2017
Applications due August 25, 2017
Based in Washington, D.C. 
Salary Range:  70K-80K depending on experience

Download the full job description HERE


Conservation X Labs is looking for an exceptional, enthusiastic, conservation & technology-minded team-player to join our dynamic company and organization. The “X” in our name stands for both “Experimental” and “Exponential” -- our mission is to harness exponential technologiesopen innovation, and entrepreneurship to dramatically improve the efficacy, cost, speed, scale, and sustainability of conservation efforts to end human induced extinction. We are an optimistic, passionate, forward-looking, entrepreneurial, fun, and mission-oriented organization set to radically transform solutions for conservation’s biggest challenges.


We seek applicants who want to disrupt conservation to improve it. We are looking for those who have dared mighty things by trying a path that others have not chosen. We are looking for those who have failed, but have learned from failure and risk, and whose faces are marred by dust, sweat, and blood. We are looking for those who like to experiment, to make things, to hack things, to test things, and to break things (particularly dogmatic approaches to conservation).  Finally, we are looking for people who will enthusiastically devote their intellectual and creative energy to advance our mission. You will be a critical part of our team.


The Conservation X Labs’ conservation innovation community, affectionately referred to as the Tribe, needs a devoted leader to facilitate, curate, incentivize, and maintain a culture of creativity and robust participation on the Digital Makerspace, a collaborative innovation platform for designing, engineering, and scaling conservation technology and hardware.

The Community Manager for the Digital Makerspace will be the enthusiastic, knowledgeable and resourceful people connector, responsible for engaging members and achieving outcomes and impact vis-à-vis the community. She/he will promote Conservation X Labs, the Tribe, and the Digital Makerspace among the public, potential members, potential sponsors, and individuals and institutions with tough conservation and development problems.  They will also help us build and expand strategic partnerships with the global maker movement, universities, makerspaces, and other DIY communities.

An effective Community Manager will have strong intuition about what motivates and encourages people to volunteer their skills and contribute. They should have technical knowledge that crosses over between conservation, engineering, the global Maker’s movement, and will lead the continued development and analysis and adaptation of the platform based on users’ preferences and feedback. The position requires exceptional interpersonal, strategic, and multi-media communication skills.

Roles and Responsibilities:

The Community Manager will be the technically informed, well-connected, and energetic point-person for Conservation X Labs Digital Makerspace users.

Duties include:

●      Develop (in cooperation with the rest of the CXL team) and implement tactical and strategic plans to build, motivate, encourage, and moderate online communities.

●      Manage and moderate the Digital Makerspace community by using creative methods to motivate, cultivate, and engage members, and attract new members

●      Promote Conservation X Labs, member projects, and the platform services and potential impact through the development of original content for the platform, for social media, and for other relevant media.

●      Foster a collaborative, open, and innovative culture on the platform – by leading and facilitating discussions, asking probing questions, connecting users and/or answering their questions, and working to connect users to resources – on and offline

●      Support the CXL team to facilitate other organizational programming and projects through the Digital Makerspace as needed

●      Design, test, and iterate incentive programs to maintain and grow community participation and engagement with the platform.

●      Actively seek and network with organizations and communities to build community membership. This may require travel and public presentations at conferences.

●      Manage and respond to inquiries by community members. Inquiries could come in by social media, email, or during outreach opportunities at meetings.

●      Work with the platform design and development team to adapt the Digital Makerspace based on user needs and feedback, and based on the needs of Conservation X Labs.


●      Minimum Bachelor’s degree in a relevant engineering, biological, behavioral, or physical sciences field, or other field if you can explain how it applies (i.e. communications expertise with strong science &/or tech knowledge). 

●      Advanced degrees are welcome to apply, focused on tech, conservation science, engineering, marketing, or behavioral sciences.  

●      We are especially interested in how you have applied your education to achieve similar roles, and how you will use it to make this one successful.


We appreciate someone with 5+ years of experience as follows.

●      A background or demonstrated experience in incentivizing and motivating large groups of people from diverse backgrounds and establishing community– especially online

●      Experience developing and implementing tactical and strategic plans to build, motivate, encourage, and moderate online communities. 

●      Experience in building partnerships among a diverse set of participants.

●      Demonstrated expertise in engaging and activating community groups, including experience identifying and empowering champions and advocates in communities.

●      Experience establishing metrics, gathering data, and reporting and recommending changes to improve engagement and participation in a program (ideally a digitally-based effort).

●      Demonstrated understanding or direct experience with crowdsourcing and crowdfunding programs, technology development, and science and tech applications

●      Experience with communication and creative writing skills.  Keen attention to detail.


Finally, we want someone who is both fun and extroverted, shares our values as conservation scientists and/or engineers, can nerd out on tech, has an entrepreneurial spirit, and an open and creative mind, and likes being on a team with significant responsibility.


Please send a cover letter, resume, and a short (less than one page) response to the following question to info@conservationxlabs.org with “Community Manager Application – Your Last Name” in the Subject Line of the email: How would you motivate engineers to collaboratively work on conservation solutions with conservation biologists?

Conservation X Labs operates as both a 501c3 non-profit organization and a B-corporation. Position is based in Washington, DC.

Conservation X Labs believes in and promotes equal opportunity in employment for all qualified persons and prohibits discrimination in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, age, veteran status, disability unrelated to job requirements, genetic information, military service, or other protected status. 

ENgineer, Scientist, Maker, Hacker, SUPER HERO

Conservation X Labs is always searching for extraordinarily creative and technologically literate individuals who are passionate about conservation.  We are looking for synthetic biologists, microbiologists, biomedical engineers, electrical engineers, geospatial analysts, data scientists, machine vision and learning experts, behavioral economists, coders (web & application), and bioinformatics experts.  As our work is moving into technology acceleration and scale, we seek individuals with experience in building funds, technology incubation and acceleration, and product development.  In particular, we are looking for smart, iconoclastic, impact-oriented, intensively curious, annoyingly-optimistic, driven, polymaths, with a deep passion for technology and conservation.

We want our applicants to be individuals who want to disrupt conservation to improve it. We are looking for those who have dared mighty things by trying a path that others have not chosen.  Who have failed, but have learned from failure and risk, and whose faces are marred by dust and sweat and blood.  Who like to experiment, to make things, to hack things, to test things, and to break things (particularly dogmatic approaches to conservation).  

If this sounds like you, contact us at 'daremightythings[at]conservationxlabs.org'.