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BBC World Service (live) Newsday (World’s largest breakfast show).  (Feb. 11, 2018).  Live interview on the future of conservation. 

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The Business of Giving (Denver Frederick).  New York AM 970. (Dec. 11, 2017). Live interview.

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Inspiring Social Entrepreneurs (Podcast).  2017.  Interview with Alex Dehgan. Ep. 71. (Feb 17, 2017). Available at


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Taylor Robb-McCord, "Solving Global Grand Challenges, One MOOC at a Time," (Aug. 2, 2016).  Available at

Shreya Dasgupta.  2016. New ‘Blue Economy Challenge’ wants your solutions to transform the aquaculture industry.  (March 4, 2016 ).  Available at

Jennie Specter.  2016.  “Harnessing Innovation for Conservation:  Interview with Alex Dehgan”  Solutions Journal (March/April 16-19, 2016).  Available at:

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