Technology Acceleration

Conservation X Labs is developing the first incubator and accelerator that will help develop, iterate, and scale transformative conservation technologies and innovations. We will leverage a global network of experts, exponential science and technology, and entrepreneurship to help bring new conservation innovations to scale.  We are starting with oceans conservation in partnership with WWF.

Since many new innovations in conservation are evolutionary rather than revolutionary, remain only prototypes, or fail to be scaled or sustained, we work with innovators to move from idea to innovation, and from innovation to enterprise.  At the heart of our acceleration process is our broad and diverse network of partners that can provide innovators with expertise around design and performance of innovations, provide insights into market demand, help companies move from prototypes to production, develop new business models, overcome barriers to scale (including regulatory and policy barriers), support efforts at marketing and story telling, and get access to capital. 

Finally, as part of this work we are developing an open platform for conservation technology that will serve as a digital makers space and incubator for new technologies for conservation that will allow us to connect and build communities of innovators around the world.  Our goal is to harness our planets collective genius to help develop new technologies and approaches that can transform conservation.  

If your company is interested in working with us a partner on accelerating conservation technologies, on investing in new enterprises, or applying for a space in our next cohort, please contact us at