With our combination of in-house expertise and experience in technology development, as well as partnerships with the top thinkers and research institutions in science, technology and finance, we will design new solutions internally to advance innovation in conservation.  We will do this by determining where new or repurposed technologies can provide key breakthroughs to our conservation grand challenges, and where they can transform or create large markets—spaces in which pioneering new companies can provide extraordinary returns.  Often this intersection creates sets of opportunities that are effectively untouched—true white spaces for conservation.  As our knowledge of an area increases, so does our group’s ability to invent and build disruptive new enterprises, and our ability to support and scale the companies we engage through open innovation.


We are currently building a modular, open source, DNA Barcode Scanner, designed for the developing world to address wildlife & timber trafficking, as well as improving traceability in fishing.  By harnessing the power of rapid genetic diagnostics and placing this technology into the hands of supply chain managers, enforcement agents and consumers, we have the opportunity to transform our ability to combat the scourge of extinction with greater speed than ever before.   A DNA Barcode scanner will empower a huge array of front-line conservation agents—customs agents and other enforcement, or border interdiction officers, scientists, conservationists, consumers of fish, and even every-day citizens—to seize the power of genetic data for understanding and protecting biodiversity on our planet.