In 2019, Conservation X Labs will launch a Global Grand Challenge called Saving Water for Nature to source and accelerate scalable technological solutions for water & biodiversity conservation.


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We are at the stage of selecting which challenge(s) to launch as a Conservation Grand Challenge this spring. Our partnerships will drive which challenge (or challenges if there is support for more than one) we launch.

We invite you and your organization to participate!

We are looking for partners to help execute and amplify the challenge as well as additional funding to either deepen the impact of an individual challenge or expand the topics we engage and incentivize.

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The Saving Water for Nature Landscape Analysis

Ten Grand Challenges for Water and Biodiversity Conservation

The report

As part of our scoping and design process for The Grand Challenges for Conservation, Conservation X Labs developed a landscape analysis that identifies the most pressing challenges in the field where technology and innovation can lead to exponential solutions to address the underlying drivers of extinction.

The problems facing freshwater ecosystems need revolutionary, rather than evolutionary, solutions to scale over the next decade. Saving Water for Nature: Ten Grand Challenges for Water and Biodiversity Conservation outlines opportunities for technology and innovation to radically transform the future for freshwater ecosystems and the human communities that rely on them.

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The Process

Over the course of 2018, Conservation X Labs conducted an extensive literature review and consultations, as well as researched past and ongoing prize and challenge competitions that address water and biodiversity conservation to develop the Grand Challenges proposed in the report.

The research process was supplemented by two ideation meetings, the Water Little Think (March 2018) and the Water Big Think (May 2018), that convened world-renown experts from a variety of relevant sectors and institutions—conservation, multinational corporations, academia, and international development—to help prioritize the topics for a set of Grand Challenges.

The  Water Big Think  gathered experts at Lake Tahoe in May, 2018.

The Water Big Think gathered experts at Lake Tahoe in May, 2018.