We believe that harnessing exponential technologies, open innovation, and a for-profit entrepreneurship financial model will allow us to dramatically improve the efficacy, cost, speed, sustainability, and scale of conservation efforts.  Although technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship will not alone solve the conservation problems, they can dramatically improve the rate of its success.


Our assumptions 

The model is based on the premise that while most of our conservation successes have been incremental, the problems are increasing exponentially (particularly tied to population growth and billions emerging into middle class).  We believe that exponential technologies and emerging science have insufficiently been harnessed and scaled to support conservation.  Further, the conservation efforts lack sufficient resources to address the existing conservation challenges and that current investments have been ineffective to stop the sixth extinction event underway.  We also believe that conservation has spent considerable time fighting against human behavior rather than incentivizing it to support the conservation movement.  Finally, we believe that conservation as a field should engage a much greater diversity of disciplines in its work.

Our Model

  • Sourcing innovations through open innovation (prizes, challenges, hackathons, design sprints, open hardware development) and directed innovations (university partnerships, and internal R&D).
  • Rapid iteration and testing, in partnership with the conservation community.
  • Creating & partnering with acceleration platforms (both virtual and physical) to help bring new innovations to scale.
  • Creating the larger conservation 3.0 tribe to build the conservation technology & innovation community.