Alongside an incredible coalition of global partners, we just launched the Artisanal Mining Grand Challenge in San Jose, California.

Applications for this global competition, with $750,000 in prizes, are open until March 1, 2020. Further details can be found in the Innovator’s Handbook.

Our mission is to end human-induced extinction.

We are in the middle of a period of extraordinary change: a sixth mass extinction, the first in earth’s history driven by the actions of a single species. Conservation, as we know it, is not succeeding fast enough.

Conservation X Labs applies technology, entrepreneurship, and open innovation to source, develop, and scale critical solutions to the underlying drivers of human-induced extinction, whether in conservation or other fields.

Humans have driven the sixth mass extinction. Humans have the power to reverse it.


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Harnessing Planetary Genius

New breakthroughs via open innovation such as prizes & challenges

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Directed Innovation

Molecular biology and engineering labs to develop revolutionary technologies in-house

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Scaling Solutions

Bringing the best conservation solutions to global scale and financial sustainability

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Building the Tribe

A community of passionate, driven people with a shared mission to work across disciplines


We are working to halt extinctions by building tools like the DNA Barcode Scanner.

Seafood fraud and illegal timber trafficking are devastating for ecosystems, and trafficking enforcement agents need tools to rapidly identify fraud or illegal activity in the field.

The DNA Barcode Scanner is a hand-held device that compares a DNA sample to the Barcode Of Life Database to answer the question: is this species actually what it’s claimed to be?


We launch prizes and challenges to incentivize bold, unconventional approaches to conservation problems.

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Build the future with us.

Over a thousand problem solvers collaborate on the Digital Makerspace to spark conservation innovation.


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