The Garage is where we create the next generation of conservation technology and support our grantees & innovators.

The Garage represents multiple facilities including our Product Development & Rapid Prototyping Lab in Washington, DC and Molecular Innovations Lab in Seattle, WA. The Garage is where we invent new Conservation X Labs technologies and provide technical assistance to our innovators and grantees. We focus on translating and advancing solutions addressing the underlying drivers of extinction from prototype to field- or market-ready product.

Build with us


Invent New Technologies

The Garage is Conservation X Labs’ prototyping facility to generate technologies with high capacity or IP potential. Projects can be spun out as successful companies or released as Open Source.


Support CXL Innovators

The Garage offers technical engineering & business development support, access to resources & engineering space, and connections to our extensive grant & partnership network to our innovators.

Tools we employ

  • Product & Industrial Design

    • CAD Design

    • Material Analysis (Electronic, Structural (FEA/CFD), Optical)

    • 3D Printing (SLA, FDM)

    • MEMS Design

  • Hardware

    • Electrical Hardware Design (Optics, Spectroscopy, Analog)

    • Printed Circuit Board Layout Design/Manufacture

  • Software

    • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

    • Software Architecture

    • App Development

    • General Programming (C++/Python)

  • Business Development

    • Technology Feasibility Analysis

    • Product/Market Fit & Customer Discovery

    • Business Model Design

    • Grants/Fiscal Sponsorship

Dive into the garage

We welcome requests for support from innovators and grantees as well as potential partnerships to support our work. Please direct requests for support or offers for potential partnerships through the contact form below.

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