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What is Find Green?

Find Green’s mission is to help drive and encourage widespread shifts to greener business practices by promoting the local businesses who do it best. The Find Green app locates the greenest businesses in your area and, through its objective rating system, empowers users to promote businesses that employ more sustainable practices. By enhancing daily purchasing choices, Find Green gives everyone the information they need to help shift society to a more environmentally sustainable pathway.

Find Green is also hosted on Conservation X Labs’ Digital Makerspace and won the Lemur’s Choice Award during the first Round of the Con X Tech Prize, a peer-choice award given to the team that demonstrates a significant environmental impact.

Download the Find Green app on the App Store or Google Play and start rating your local businesses today!

Download the Find Green app on the App Store or Google Play and start rating your local businesses today!

The Find Green Story

Find Green was initiated in late 2017 and is led by a core team of four volunteer senior conservation and communication experts. Find Green is fortunate to benefit from the advice of a panel of scientific experts and draws support from a team of business, start-up, and social psychology advisors. After receiving seed funding grants from the North American Partnership for Environmental Community Action (NAPECA) and Conservation X Labs, a beta version of the app for both iOS and Android launched and can be downloaded today on the App Store and Google Play.

Testing began in May 2018 in Washington, DC with a focus on cafes and coffee shops. Well over 300 businesses have been surveyed so far, and the feedback received has been invaluable in improving the system. In the future, all business and service sectors that can be surveyed through easily observable practices will be added to the app including hotels, airlines, flower shops, bars, restaurants, cities, and so on. The geographical reach of Find Green will also grow to include more cities and communities around the world. Join the movement and find your green.