Our problems are exponential, but our solutions have been linear.

Conservation is not succeeding fast enough and at a planetary scale. The problems of extinction and habitat destruction are increasing exponentially, while our solutions increase incrementally. Conservation has frequently been site-specific, technophobic, risk-averse, reactionary, intransigent, bureaucratic, and uninspiring.

Conservation science, and the programs built on it, must shift from a descriptive, discovery-based science focused on cataloguing the demise of species to an interdisciplinary professional field that seeks to engineer and deploy solutions at scale across geographies. We can harness our technological advances to engineer resilience to global environmental changes, change demand and incentive structures to alter markets and human behavior, and improve our ability to monitor and protect species around the world.

The CXL Solution

Conservation X Labs is the first conservation organization to systematically take promising technologies and solutions from the lab or the garage to the marketplace. We are building an ecosystem for conservation technology & innovation from early-stage prototyping to incubation and accelerator services to rapidly scale effective, innovative, and market-based conservation solutions and approaches.


Explore Our programs to support & scale solutions

Con X Tech Prize

The Con X Tech Prize provides seed grants for project teams preparing their first prototype to take conservation technology ideas from blueprint to reality. Grantees are selected from a diverse applicant pool and compete in a second prototyping stage for a larger total prize purse and project resources.

The Garage

The Garage is where we invent new Conservation X Labs technologies and provide technical assistance to our innovators and grantees. We focus on translating and advancing solutions addressing the underlying drivers of extinction from prototype to field- or market-ready product.

Oceans X Labs

Oceans X Labs, the world’s first conservation technology accelerator launched in partnership with World Wildlife Fund, is the first in a series of accelerator programs that will complement our Grand Challenges for Conservation. The first cohort of aquaculture-focused companies completed a six-month digital accelerator program.