Platforms, Products, & Partnerships for Conservation Technology

With our combination of in-house expertise and experience in technology development – as well as partnerships with the top thinkers and research institutions in science, technology, and engineering – we have been designing new solutions to advance innovation in conservation.

Our partnerships with universities and research facilities are critical in developing new technologies, including our partnerships with the Genetic and Molecular Innovation Lab at University of Washington and the Duke University Marine Lab. Our growing Product Development & Rapid Prototyping Lab in Washington, DC is the center of The Garage, where we invent the next generation of conservation technology and support our grantees & innovators. Our software development team has created the Digital Makerspace, an open online platform where the entrepreneur, technology, and conservation communities work together to create tech solutions for conservation's greatest problems. The DNA Barcode Scanner, meanwhile, is a hand-held tool to confirm a species identity, creating a new tool in the fight against seafood fraud and wildlife trafficking.


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DNA Barcode Scanner

The DNA Barcode Scanner is a low-cost, hand-held, field-ready automated tool to validate the identity of a wildlife or food product, anywhere in the world, without specialized training or equipment.

The Garage

The Garage is where we create the next generation of conservation technology and support our grantees & innovators as the develop, deploy, and scale their solutions.

The Digital Makerspace

The Digital Makerspace (DMS) is an online collaboration platform where science, entrepreneurship, and technology communities come together to start projects and co-create tech-enabled solutions to conservation problems.